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This page contains photos of selected baby snakes produced in 2016. My adult snakes are not for sale and the babies on this page have been sold.


The first snakes produced here this year were these orange striped Coast Garter Snakes. born on May 21, 2016.
Coast Garter Snake

It takes awhile for them to develop their orange stripes - here's one of the babies three months later.
Coast Garter Snake

Russian Rat Snakes hatched here on June 18th.
Russian Rat Snake

Here's what one of the babies looked like several weeks later.
Russian Rat Snake

Reverse Okeetee Corn Snakes hatched on June 21st.
Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake

Here's what one of the babies looked like in October 2016.
Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake

Broadbanded Water Snakes were born here on June 28.
Broadbanded Water Snakes

Only July 7th Striped Ghost Corns and Snow Ghost Corns began hatching, from a Striped Ghost X Striped Ghost breeding.
Striped Ghost Corn Snakes

Striped Snow Corn Snake

One of the Striped Ghost Corn Snakes a few weeks later.
Striped Ghost Corn Snake

On July 10th "high red" Coast Garter Snakes were born here.
Coast Garter Snakes

On July 19th Butter Corn Snakes started hatching from a Striped Butter X Motley Butter breeding.
Butter Corn Snake

Here's what one of the Striped Butter Corn Snakes looked like right after hatching.
Striped Butter Corn Snake

This is a group photo of part of the clutch.
Butter Corn Snakes

Here's a group photo of some of the Motley Butters taken in October.
Motley Butter Corn Snakes

Baird's Rat Snakes hatched on July 18th.
Baird's Rat Snakes

An individual pic of one of the baby Baird's Rat Snakes, starting to get some pink coloration at three months in age.
Baird's Rat Snake

This Baird's Rat Snake had a very odd pattern.
Baird's Rat Snake

On July 20th Santa Cruz Garter Snakes were born here.
Santa Cruz Garter Snakes

An individual photo of one of the babies right after being born.
Santa Cruz Garter Snake

On July 22, 2016 I produced my first ever Rubber Boas.
Rubber Boas

A close-up of some of the offspring.
Rubber Boas

I hatched my first ever Pacific Gopher Snakes on August 11.
Pacific Gopher Snakes

Close-up of a baby Pacific Gopher Snake - I caught the parents in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
 Pacific Gopher Snake

On August 14th a clutch of albino Nelson's Milk Snakes hatched.
Albino Nelson's Milk Snakes

This Striped Albino Nelson's Milk Snake was also in the group that hatched.
Striped Albino Nelson's Milk Snake

Honduran Milk Snakes began hatching on September 12th - here's a Hypomelanistic and a Ghost.
Honduran Milk Snakes

An individual photo of one of the Ghost Honduran Milk Snakes.
Ghost Honduran Milk Snake

The last snake to hatch here in 2016 was this Snow Honduran Milk Snake on October 16th.
Snow Honduran Milk Snake

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