Third Eye - Baby Pics 2021  
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This page contains photos of selected baby snakes produced in 2021. My adult snakes are not for sale and the babies on this page have been sold.


A new project for 2021 - producing double het for ghost Baird's Rat Snakes from these two adults.
Hypomelanistic Anerythristic Bairds Combo

My first clutch of eggs was from this Mexican Black Kingsnake on April 22nd.
Mexican Black Kingsnake

On the following day this excellent clutch of Russian Rat Snakes was produced.
Russian Rat Snake

My firsr-ever clutch of Kunashir Island Japanese Rat Snakes happened on May 3rd.
Japanese Rat Snake

A litter of California Red-sided Garter Snakes was born here on May 13th.
California Red-sided Garter Snakes

A newborn California Red-sided Garter Snake.
California Red-sided Garter Snake

A clutch of mid-May Victorville (CA) California Kingsnake eggs.
Victorville California Kingsnake

Honduran Milk Snake courtship on May 16th.
Honduran Milk Snakes

A second clutch of Japanese Rat Snake eggs on May 26th.
Japanese Rat Snake

On the following day, this Gray Rat Snake deposited her clutch of eggs.
Gray Rat Snake

Late May Okeetee Corn Snake eggs.
Okeetee Corn Snake

On the last day of May, one of my Coast Garter Snakes gave birth.
Coast Garter Snakes

A newborn Coast Garter Snake.
Coast Garter Snake

A pairing of Anerythristic and Hypomelanistic Baird's Rat Snakes.
Anery and Hypo Baird's Rat Snakes

A Butter Motley Corn Snake with her clutch of eggs on June 4th.
Butter Corn Snake

Forty-four Midland Water Snakes were born here on June 10th.
Midland Water Snakes

A newborn Midland Water Snake.
Midland Water Snake

A Baird's Rat Snake bred to an Anerythristic Baird's Rat Snake with her clutch of eggs on June 20th.
Baird's Rat Snake

A Hypomelanistic Baird's Rat Snake laying her eggs on May 22nd.
Baird's Rat Snake

Russian Rat Snakes hatching here on June 10th.
Russian Rat Snake

A newly hatched Russian Rat Snake.
Russian Rat Snake

On June 14th this litter of Aquatic Intergrade Garter Snakes was born here.
Aquatic Garter Snake

A newborn Aquatic Intergrade Garter Snake.
Aquatic Garter Snake

A clutch of Albino Honduran Milk Snakes on June 19th.
Albino Honduran Milk Snake

Mexican Black Kingsnakes starting to hatch here on June 20th.
Mexican Black Kingsnake

Baby Mexican Black Kingsnakes.
Mexican Black Kingsnakes

A newly hatched Mexican Black Kingsnake.
Mexican Black Kingsnake

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