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Tim Spuckler
Corn Snakes are the most popular pet snakes in the hobby. They are great for beginners because of their easy care and maintenance, as well as their gentle dispositions. If you would like a little more information on corn snakes, click here to read a summary of a talk I gave to the Northern Ohio Association of Herpetologists on "The Natural History, Care and Breeding of Corn Snakes."

Albino Corn Reverse Okeetee
Albino Corn Snake

Pantherophis guttatus
Albino corns are the world's most popular pet snake. Sometimes called "red albinos," these amelanistic snakes lack melanin, or dark pigment. Albino corns are highly variable. I selectively breed mine for intense orange and red coloration with thick white borders around the blotches.
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$65 each
Striped Ghost Vanishing Pattern Striped Ghost Corn
Pantherophis guttatus
Selectively bred broken-striped corn snakes has led to this pattern variation. These snakes usually have some striping on the neck and body. Some are motley patterned. My aim is to produce a patternless ghost.
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$65 each
Okeetee Corn Snake Okeetee Corn Snake
Pantherophis guttatus
A beautiful naturally occurring snake that is typified by thick black blotches around the saddles and bright coloration. I breed both "standard" (orange background) and "buckskin" (tan background) morphs of Okeetees.
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$65 each
Motley Corn Snake Butter Corn Snake
Pantherophis guttatus
This corn snake is named for it's beautiful, yellow coloring. Butter corn snakes are a combination of the Caramel and Amelanistic genes. I will have Butter-to-Butter breedings from a striped male to a motley female.
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$65 each for Butter Motleys, $85 each for Butter Stripes
Alabama Corn Snake Alabama Corn Snake
Pantherophis guttatus
These are descendants from wild caught snakes originating from Dekalb County, Alabama.
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$65 each