Third Eye - Herping California 2009  
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Lenny Buttitta and I checked out several localities, but had the most luck in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


Herping With Lenny
Landscape Fine Tuning
Lenny makes the final adjustments on our bikes.
Pacific Chorus Frog
Frog Find
Pacific Chorus Frogs were sometimes seen under objects that retained moisture.
Black Salamander Back In Black
This Black Salamander is the first one I've ever seen. These salamanders have teeth in their upper jaw which project beyond their lip and can be felt by lightly stroking the amphibian's snout.
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How about one more pic?
Stuffed Stuffed
This Pacific Gopher Snake was in a rodent nest and had just consumed a large meal, we decided to leave it alone to digest its dinner.
Lenny Snakehunting Success Story
We found two other Gopher Snakes nearby the first.
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Backpack Backpack, Backpack!
The other Gopher Snake patiently waited in my backpack to get its photo taken.
Pacific Gopher Third Time's a Charm
This was the last snake we found on that day.
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Pacific Gophers Snake City
I admire our finds before releasing them back into the wild.
Toad Technicolor Toad
Not all Western Toads are as colorful as this example.
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