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The following photo essay covers some of the reptiles and amphibians I encountered while herping California from April 4-10, 2010. The weather was mostly cool, windy and rainy. There were three sunny, rainless days during the week. A total of 23 snakes were found, consisting of: Pacific Gophers (4), Santa Cruz Garters (4), Coast Garters (7), Whipsnake (1), California Night Snake (1) and Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes (6).


Monday - Herping with Julia
(Santa Cruz Mountains)
Landscape Mountain View
The temperature was in the 50s with occasional rain, but we still managed to find eight different types of herps.
Pacific Chorus Frog
First Find
This Pacific Chorus Frog was found under a small rock, which also had a Western Fence Lizard under it.
Fence Lizard Dark Lizard
Western Fence Lizards often can become quite dark, in order to better absorb the sun's heat.
Skink Bluetail
Young Western Skinks have blue tails that they can detach to distract predators.
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Jerusalem Cricket Jiminy Crickets!
Jerusalem Crickets are large and hideous.
Trail Late Night Lurker
This California Night Snake is the first one I've ever seen. They are mildly venomous and mainly feed on lizards.
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Slender Salamander Skinny Salamander
Slender Salamanders were the most commonly seen herp of the trip. They have very tiny legs.
Ensatina Half Orange
Ensatina Salamanders were encountered throughout the week. The rainy, wet conditions were ideal for them.
Trail Green Gator
A big bug was found near this Southern Alligator Lizard, which had a greenish coloration.
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Gopher Snake Small Snake
This young Pacific Gopher Snake probably hatched last Fall.
Fence Lizard Mellow Yellow
A large adult Fence Lizard with an unusual amount of gold color.
Alligator Lizard Final Find
This Alligator Lizard was the biggest one I've ever seen.
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