Third Eye - Herping California 2016  
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One rainy evening I took a trip to this mountain.
Mount Hamilton

I brought along my herping buddy, Connie for backup; we found several Pacific Gopher Snakes.
Pacific Gopher Snakes

Close-up of one of the Gopher Snakes.
Pacific Gopher Snake

We also found this soggy Bobcat.

Big Millipede.
Big Millipede

A couple of Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes.
Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes

Yellow-eyed Ensatina.
Yellow-eyed Ensatina

A nicely patterned yearling California Kingsnake.
California Kingsnake

Connie found the only California Toad seen on the trip.
California Toad

Sharptail Snake.
Sharptail Snake

Newts were extremely common when it was overcast and misty.
California Newt

Southern Alligator Lizard.
Southern Alligator Lizard

Banana Slug.
Banana Slug

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