Third Eye - Herping California 2018  
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The third week in April (15th - 21st) was mostly sunny and dry, coming after a week or so of rain. This pond in the mountains was worth checking out.
Santa Cruz Mountains

One of several Santa Cruz Garter Snakes found near the pond.
Santa Cruz Garter Snake

Southern Alligator Lizard.
Southern Alligator Lizard

One of my favorite North American Snakes - Rubber Boa.
Rubber Boa

An orange striped Coast Garter Snake.
Coast Garter Snake

The state flower, California Poppy, was seen in many of the spots I visited.
California Poppy

A speedy Yellowbelly Racer.
Yellowbelly Racer

Herp habitat.
Herp habitat

Pacific Ringneck Snakes weren't as commonly encountered as on some previous trips.
Pacific Ringneck Snake

A Coast Garter Snake sporting a bit more red than most.
Coast Garter Snake

A Northwest Forest Scorpion looking a little bit gravid.
Northwest Forest Scorpion

A nicely marked Pacific Gopher Snake.
Pacific Gopher Snake

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