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Tim Spuckler

Broad-banded Water Snake Broad-banded Water Snake
Nerodia fasciata confluens
A smaller type of water snake, with males averaging 2 feet and females averaging 3 feet in length. The irregular-shaped lighter bands are usually tan or light orange and no two look alike. My stock is locality specific to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
$35 each

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Midland Water Snake Midland Water Snake
Nerodia sipedon pleuralis
I work with the completely banded morph of this snake. My breeding stock comes from Union County, Illinois.
$35 each

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Plainbelly Water Snake Plainbelly Water Snake
Nerodia erythrogaster
A beautiful dark colored snake with a red-orange belly. My stock originates from Beaufort County, South Carolina.
$35 each

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