Longnose Snake

longnose 027

This slender snake tends to reach a length of about 3 feet. While there is considerable variation in pattern and color, generally this snake is banded or blotched with black, white (or yellow) and red.

longnose 014

Active primarily at night, this small constrictor primarily eats lizards and their eggs, but it will also eat small snakes and small mammals.

longnose 008

It is a ground burrower and like most desert snakes, it spends the majority of the hot daytime hours underground. The Longnose Snake prefers living in rocky or brushy habitat in desert, grassland and scrubland areas.

longnose 019

This is a gentle species that sometimes vibrates it tail when annoyed or hides its head in its coils when trying to avoid a potential enemy. I’ve caught quite a few of them over the years and have never had one attempt to bite.

longnose 004

This is one of my favorite desert snakes, as no two look exactly alike.

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