Pandora Sphinx Moth

Pandora Sphinx Moth 2

While on a hike several weeks ago, I came across this cool caterpillar. It’s the larva of a Pandora Sphinx, a type of Hawk Moth. These large caterpillars feed on the leaves of Grape and Virginia Creeper.

Pandora Sphinx Moth 3

This caterpillar is known to retract its first two body segments, the first being its head, into the third segment when disturbed.

Pandora Sphinx Moth 4

The Hawk Moths are also referred to as Sphinx Moths because the large caterpillars of most species often rear up their front ends in mock defense when disturbed, resembling a “Sphinx.”

Pandora Sphinx Moth_2310

I took the caterpillar home and fed it grape leaves from my backyard. Eventually is turned into the this pupa and buried itself in the dirt at the bottom of its terrarium.

Pandora Sphinx Moth_2667

After several weeks of patiently waiting, the adult moth emerged.

Pandora Sphinx Moth_2685

As an adult, like many Hawk Moths, the Pandora Sphinx can be seen at night hovering about flowers in the tobacco family. It was awesome to encounter this crazy looking caterpillar and see it transform.

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