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While visiting a sand prairie in Missouri this month, these yellow flowers were quite noticeable.

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Camphorweed is an annual, warm-season native that generally emerges from the ground as a single stem, then branches several inches above the ground.

03 Camphorweed_9389

As the common name suggests, camphorweed has a medicinal camphor-like aroma (or odor, as some might suggest), particularly when the leaves are disturbed.

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Camphorweed is beneficial for use on sprains or bruises and can reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Camphorweed lessens the reactive inflammation process, making it best for acute and painful injuries.

05 Camphorweed_9384

This plant typically blooms in Summer and Fall, although in certain conditions it may bloom year-round. Its copious blooms consist of bright yellow ray florets and vivid yellow to orange.

06 Camphorweed_9394

Sometimes known as Golden Aster, it is commonly found across the southeastern United States. Its daisy-like yellow flowers with hairy stems and leaves are often overlooked in fields and yards.

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