Third Eye - Herping California - 2005  
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The following photo essay covers some of the reptiles and amphibians I encountered while herping California. Most of my time in the field was spent in the Santa Cruz area of the state, from September 2-10, 2005. Since it was late in the year and the ground was very dry, the herping wasn't as good as earlier in the year, but I still managed to find some neat stuff.

Redwoods Redwoods
When shed, the bark from these trees provides excellent herp habitat.
Garden Spider
Boris The Spider
A pretty big Garden Spider. This orb weaver likes to make its home in fields, often near water.
Baby Fence Lizard
Baby Fence Lizard
These lizards are very common. We found quite a few baby Western Fence Lizards (Sceloporus occidentalis), as well as many adults.
Western Fence Lizard Adult Western Fence Lizard
These lizards can often be seen on logs and rocks sunning themselves and doing pushup displays. It has been discovered that when ticks caring Lyme disease feed on the western fence lizard the bacteria that cause Lyme disease are killed. In areas where western fence lizards occur, the incidents of Lyme disease are lower.
Western Fence Lizard Spiny Lizard
Fence Lizards belong to the genus Sceloporus, which includes Spiny Lizards.
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Cougar Trap It's A Trap!
A cougar trap - they live in this area.
Buckeye Butterfly Buckeye Butterfly
Almost made me feel like I was back in Ohio (The Buckeye State). This butterfly was found on Santa Cruz Beach.
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