Third Eye - Herping California 2009  
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The following photo essay covers some of the reptiles and amphibians I encountered while herping California from April 2-12, 2009. The weather was mostly cool, windy and rainy. Despite less-than-ideal conditions, 16 snakes were found, consisting of: Pacific Gophers (5), Santa Cruz Garters (3), Sharptailed Snake (1), Yellowbelley Racer (1) and Pacific Ringneck Snakes (6).


Stevens Creek Reservoir
Landscape Head for the Hills
A view of the landscape at a winery near Stevens Creek Reservoir.
Pacific Gopher
First Find
This Pacific Gopher Snake was the first herp I found in California this year - and in 2009.
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Alligator Lizard Gone Gator
Alligator Lizards favor the cool, damp conditions that prevailed during most of the trip.
Sign Sign of the Times
It wasn't warm enough for rattlesnakes to be out yet.
Santa Cruz Garter Cruzin'
A young male Santa Cruz Garter Snake.
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Trail Happy Trails
This is one of the trails I hiked in Stevens Creek.
Fence Lizard Lounging Lizard
When temperatures are warm enough and there's sunshine, Fence Lizards can be extraordinarily common.
Pacific Gopher Small Snake
This young Pacific Gopher Snake probably hatched last Summer.
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