Third Eye - Herping California 2013  
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Things started off at around noon on Friday, April 5th. The weather for the trip stayed pretty much the same - temperatures in the 70s and sunny skies. During my drive from San Francisco airport to Los Gatos, I decided to check out some herping spots along the way. The Santa Cruz Mountains started off being cool and misty.
Skyline Drive

Even in conditions like this, Fence Lizards can be found under rocks and other cover.
Fence Lizard

A "blue belly" male.
Fence Lizard

Darkling Beetles were a common sight throughout the week.
Darkling Beetle

Soon the weather started clearing up a bit.
Skyline Drive

Everybody loves Jerusalem Crickets.
Jerusalem Cricket

A Santa Cruz Garter Snake that was born last year.
Santa Cruz Garter Snake

Have you ever got on a plane and traveled over 2,000 miles and then found yourself walking along a street in the wilderness? Then a car drives by, stops, goes into reverse and backs up to you; the driver rolls down the window and says "Hey, Tim what's going on?" Well that's what happened when I unexpectedly ran into Zach Lim and Phil, who was visiting from Barstow, CA.
Zach and Phil

We decided to join forces - Phil with a Pacific Gopher Snake.

Ringneck Snakes were rather common.
Ringneck Snake

Southern Alligator Lizards were easy to find as well. This one had a bit of red.
Southern Alligator Lizard

Yellowbelly Racers also turned up.
Yellowbelly Racer

California Poppies were in bloom all over the place.
California Poppies

Northern Alligator Lizard.
Northern Alligator Lizard

A young Pacific Gopher Snake.
Pacific Gopher Snake

California Newt.
California Newt

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