Third Eye - Herping California 2016  
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The beginning of the trip had rainy conditions, the Santa Cruz Mountains were covered in mist.
Santa Cruz Mountains

A number of wildflowers were in bloom, such as this Blue-eyed Grass.
Blue-eyed Grass

Fence Lizards were often encountered.
Fence Lizard

And there was a profusion of Boxelder Bugs.
Boxelder Bug

A couple of young Ringneck Snakes.
Ringneck Snakes

A male Western Skink.
Western Skink

The conditions were ideal for Rubber Boas.
Rubber Boa

This tiny one was posed on a Holly leaf to show its size.
Rubber Boa

This one had a nice olive coloration.
Rubber Boa

Yellow Monkey Flower.
Yellow Monkey Flower

Yellowbelly Racer.
Yellowbelly Racer

Despite the misty conditions, I saw this Northern Pacific Rattlesnake "basking" on a hillside.
Northern Pacific Rattlesnake

Beetle larva.
Beetle larva

A view of the surrounding landscape.
Santa Cruz Mountains

A young Western Fence Lizard.
Western Fence Lizard

Pacific Ringneck Snakes were pretty easy to find in the mountains.
Pacific Ringneck Snake

Sierran Treefrog.
Sierran Treefrog

I always enjoy encountering Coast Garter Snakes and was not disappointed on this trip.
Coast Garter Snake

Western Skink.
Western Skink

There was no shortage of California Slender Salamanders.
California Slender Salamander

An orange striped version of a Coast Garter Snake.
Coast Garter Snake

Southern Alligator Lizard.
Southern Alligator Lizard

Yellowbelly Racer.
Yellowbelly Racer

I found my first California Night-stalking Tiger Beetle ever.
California Night-stalking Tiger Beetle

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