Third Eye - Herping California 2017  
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The beginning of the trip was sunny and dry, coming after a period of intense rain.
Santa Cruz Mountains

One of the fastest snakes in the land - a young Yellowbelly Racer.
Yellowbelly Racer.

Although not particularly warm, it was a pretty good week for rattlesnakes.
Rattlesnake Sign

A Northern Pacific Rattlesnake.
Northern Pacific Rattlesnake

There were a fair number of Southern Alligator Lizards to be found.
Southern Alligator Lizard

The damp conditions were suitable for Jerusalem Crickets.
Jerusalem Cricket

A Santa Cruz Garter Snake.
Santa Cruz Garter Snake

Yellowbelly Racer.
Yellowbelly Racer

Pacific Ringneck Snakes were easy to come by.
Pacific Ringneck Snake

Breakfast in America - at Connie's favorite place to eat - Santa Cruz Diner.
Tim & Connie

I found a couple of Sharp-tailed Snakes at a Christmas Tree Farm - here's one of them.
Sharp-tailed Snake

A misty mountain Fence Lizard, these were the most commonly encountered reptiles on the trip.
Fence Lizard

The road is out - literally.
Skyline Boulevard

A young Arboreal Salamander.
Santa Cruz Mountains

Coast Garter Snakes were the most frequently encountered serpents.
Coast Garter Snake

A young Fence Lizard that probably hatched last year.
Fence Lizard

A Santa Cruz Garter Snake.
Santa Cruz Garter Snake

It was decent weather for finding Western Skinks.
Western Skink

Mule Deer were seen on a number of my travels.
Mule Deer

We came across a few Pacific Gopher Snakes, like this one.
Pacific Gopher Snake

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