Green Stink Bug

“Stinkbug” is the common name for a family of insects. There are thousands of species, found in most parts of the world. Stinkbugs are so named because they secrete a foul-smelling liquid that is repulsive to most predators. Most stinkbugs are dull in color, usually gray or brown, but some are such colors as brilliant green – like this one I saw today.

These insects are also sometimes known as “Shield Bugs,” because of their shape. Adult stink bugs hibernate in order to survive the winter. In the fall I often see Brown Stinkbugs sunning themselves on my house and shed, catching the last warm rays of sun for the year.

Like a skunk, a stinkbug will only give off a very bad smell if it is bothered. To most predators, a stinkbug tastes as bad as it smells.

Third Eye Herp

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