Partridge Berry


Here are some “Christmas colors” that I saw in the woods today. This is a small, woody, trailing vine with 6-12 inch slender stems. It does not climb but instead lays on the forest floor.

partridgeberry_10_15 004

Partridge Berry produces trumpet-shaped flowers from late spring to early summer. The flowers grow in pairs and have white petals. They are pollinated by insects. Afterwards each pair of flowers produces a single bright red berry. Here are flowers that I saw in June.

p-berry 030

The berries contain eight seeds. Birds are the primary consumer of these fruits and therefore the main distributor of their seeds. For people, the berries are edible but rather tasteless, with a faint flavor of wintergreen.

partridgeberry_10_15 002

The humble Partridge Berry is a plant often underfoot and overlooked, but during the cold days of winter, it is a treat to the eyes with its deep, dark-green leaves and rich red berries.

Third Eye Herp

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