Black-tailed Jackrabbit


The Black-tailed Jackrabbit has huge ears. It can regulate its body heat by increasing or decreasing the blood flow through its ears.


It usually rests during the day and feeds in the late afternoon and the night. In it eats a wide variety of plants – a favorite food is alfalfa.


The Black-tailed Jackrabbit gets most of the water it needs from the plants it eats. It lives in the extreme environments, where temperatures are hot during the day and cold at night, and there isn’t a lot of rain.


The soles of a Black-tailed Jackrabbit’s feet are covered with fur. This cushions their feet on hard ground and insulates them from the scorching heat of the desert sand. Their fur color blends in well with the habitat that it lives in.


It is not really a rabbit; rather, it is a hare, because its young are born with fur and with their eyes open. This is a swift mammal that can run at speeds of up to 30 miles an hour and it can jump distances of about 20 feet.


I have found that Black-tailed Jackrabbits are pretty hard to get close to in the wild. They are very wary and burst from their hiding spots with a jolt of speed.

Third Eye Herp

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