Giant Leopard Moth

forest_09_21 016

Walking through Brecksville Reservation, just a few minutes from my home, I noticed this stunning creature resting on a log.

Giant Leopard Moth 022

This species has a wingspan of 3 inches. The wings of this moth are a high contrast bright white with a pattern of black spots, some solid and some hollow.

Giant Leopard Moth 027

This is the first adult I’ve ever seen, though I am familiar with their caterpillars, which have black bristles and orange colored bands between their segments.

Giant Leopard Moth 017

Although they are called “leopard moths” these insects belong to the family known as “tiger moths.”  There are thousands of species in this group, many with equally vivid markings.

Giant Leopard Moth 019

It was an awesome experience to come across this spectacular insect known from its amazing coloration and impressive size.

Third Eye Herp

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