River Chub

River Chub

While exploring this waterway, I saw a few decent-sized torpedo-like fish. I decided to investigate further and catch one.┬áIt turned out to be a River Chub. The River Chub is the largest of Ohio’s minnows, occasionally attaining lengths of 12 inches. They are sometimes caught by fisherman.

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Living in rivers and streams, they prefer large amounts of gravel and cobble. These fish are often found hiding around boulders, submerged logs and other structures on riffles and runs.

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These fish deposit eggs on gravel where they construct large circular nests. The nests are occasionally four feet long and are often used for egglaying by other species of fish as well. Male River Chubs can move up to 200 pounds of stones to build the nest.

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River Chub are good indicators of water quality, because of their intolerance of pollution and siltation.

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