Canyon Tree Frog

Canyon Treefrog 063

While visiting Zion National Park in Utah I was able to see and hear this interesting amphibian.

Canyon Treefrog 056

It is relatively small (at just over two inches), plump and warty, with a toad-like appearance. A distinctive feature is its suction-like adhesive toe pads for climbing.

Canyon Treefrog 061

They can vary in color and pattern considerably, but Canyon Tree Frogs usually match the soil or rock color of their native habitat to serve as camouflage.

Canyon Treefrog 051

As its name implies, it is an amphibian of canyons and arroyos, particularly rocky, intermittent or permanent stream courses.

Canyon Treefrog 053

Despite being called “tree frogs,” they prefer to perch on boulders and rock faces overlooking pools of water. During warm weather they spend the day hiding in rock crevices.

Canyon Treefrog 055

The Canyon Tree Frog’s call is a loud, rattling series of short trills that sound like they’re coming from inside a tin can. The call is surprisingly loud given the small size of this creature.

Canyon Treefrog 057

This was a neat find and the first time the I got to see Canyon Tree Frogs “in person.”

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