Giant Carolina Wolf Spider

Driving remote roads at night, I can see the green reflections from the eyes of large invertebrates on the pavement.

Wolf Spider_7982

Wolf Spiders do not build webs to catch their food. Instead they use their vision and their sensivity to vibrations to hunt for prey.

Wolf Spider_8034

This creature has eight eyes that are arranged in three rows. The bottom row has four small eyes, the middle row has two very large eyes and the top row has two medium-sized eyes.

Wolf Spider_8035

This is a pretty large spider – with a three to four inch legspan.  It may hunt actively at night or wait in ambush at the mouth of its burrow, where it hides during the day. Wolf Spiders are unique among their species because the females carry their eggs along with them in a round silken egg sack attached to their abdomens.

Wolf Spider_8047

Immediately after the babies hatch and emerge from their protective case, they climb up their mother’s legs like a ladder and all crowd together on her back. Here they’ll stay for a few weeks until they’re large enough to hunt on their own.

Third Eye Herp

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