Bold Jumper

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Jumping spiders are one the most charismatic arachnids around and during the warmer months I often seen them on my house and on the deck. They tend to be inquisitive and seemingly without fear. When photographing this one, it would typically turn to follow my movements.

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While most of their coloration is black and white, Bold Jumpers also have beautiful emerald green fang bases. They also have a face which looks like a monkey’s.

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Rather than building webs, these spiders hunt prey visually (their large, forward-facing eyes, give them very good stereoscopic vision), stalking their insect victims. Watching one hunt down its food is not unlike watching a cat zero in on its prey. They can move quite quickly and are capable of amazing leaps. Bold Jumpers have been known to jump from 10 to 50 times their body length.

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Although these active hunters not build webs to catch food, they do use webbing to wrap their eggs in or to construct a hideout. They also use their spider silk as a “lifeline” when jumping after prey. If a Bold Jumper comes up short of its target, the line catches the spider and it quickly retreats back to its original hunting spot.

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Jumping spiders tend to be small, usually 1/2-3/4 of an inch. Male Bold Jumpers have “eyebrows,” or tufts of hairs over their eyes. This species has some of the best vision of all spiders. They have eight eyes. Four big eyes are located on the spider’s face. The other four are on top of the head. This fine arachnid is also known as the Daring Jumping Spider.

Third Eye Herp

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