Norway Spruce

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The dark green needles and drooping or “weeping” branches of this tree are two of its key identification features.

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Norway Spruce is perhaps the most common spruce in Ohio, though it is not native; it was introduced from Europe and Asia 150-200 years ago.

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This conifer is often used for windbreaks due to it being the fastest growing as well as the tallest (115–180 feet) spruce in the state. It also produces the largest cone (4-7 inches long) of all spruces.

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With age, the pendulous, dense branchlets in the upper canopy of mature trees hang straight down for several feet, and are called skirts.

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This tree’s bark exudes a substance is known as “Burgundy Pitch,” which is the basic material for a number of varnishes and medicinal materials.

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In addition to all of the above qualities, Norway Spruce is the main Christmas Tree in several cities around the world.

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