White-banded Fishing Spider

01 Whitebanded Fishing Spider

While doing yard work I came across this awesome arachnid. This is a sit-and-wait predator with excellent camouflage. It was the first time I’ve ever encountered this species.

02 White Banded Fishing Spider_0445

The White-banded Fishing Spider belongs to the Nursery Web Spider Group and is indigenous to the United States. Females, which are somewhat larger than males, can reach nearly an inch in body length.

03 Whitebanded Fishing Spider_0416 (1)

Though their color is variable, it is true to its name, with a white band in the area below its eyes, around the jaws and more white bands on its legs and body.

04 White Banded Fishing Spider_0425

White-banded Fishing Spiders get their “fishing spider” name because most live near water (I have a creek in my backyard) and have been reported to catch small fish and aquatic insects from the water as they walk on its surface. Instead of building a web to catch its food, this creature goes out and hunts it down.

05 White Banded Fishing Spider_0441

Like other Nursery Web Spiders, females carry their egg sac in their jaws before eventually creating a “nursery web” amid foliage, branches and sometimes artificial structures. The female then guards the egg sac and the spiderlings that emerge from it.

06 White Banded Fishing Spider_0442

Sometimes you find cool things without even looking for them and that was certainly the case with this White-banded Fishing Spider.

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