Broad-tipped Conehead Katydid

01 Broad-tipped Conehead Katydid_9433

While visiting southern Illinois I came across this very cool creature. Like all other coneheads, it possess a sharply pointed feature (called a fastigium) at the tip of its head, giving it a very distinctive look.

02 Broad-tipped Conehead Katydid_3939 (1)

Adult Broad-tipped Conehead Katydids display either brown or green coloration, depending on their gender and season. This species also occurs throughout the southern United States, from Florida up to New Jersey, and extends westward to southern California.

03 Broad-tipped Conehead Katydid_1060

These insects have have oversized jaws and a relatively large body, with adult females generally being much larger than males. Their bodies are covered by long, narrow, leathery forewings. They are strong fliers and tend to be attracted to lights.

04 Broad-tipped Conehead Katydid_3939

When disturbed, adult Broad-tipped Conehead Katydids will fly off or dive down into the ground and bury their heads to make their body appear to look like grass.

05 Broad-tipped Conehead Katydid_1062

This creature feeds mostly on different types of grasses. It has the ability to overwinter, so its mating call can be heard in early spring, occurring at least a month before many other types of insects begin calling.

06 Broad-tipped Conehead Katydid_3943

This was a neat find while I was out and about looking for snakes.

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