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Mexican Black Kingsnakes
Females $200 - Males $175 - Pairs $350

Oregon Red-spotted Garter Snakes - $200
"White Oaks" Gray Rat Snakes - $75
Albino Corn Snakes - $65
Snow Corn Snakes - $65
Florida Water Snakes - $40
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Smallmouth Bass

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Clymene Moth

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Hypomelanistic Honduran

Honduran Milksnakes

Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis

The most popular large milksnake in the hobby. Due to a significant amount of color and pattern variability, selective breeding will continue to expand the possibilities of producing currently unseen morphs. These snakes can get up to six feet long.
$250 each
Click here to see the Honduran Milksnake page
Pueblan Milk Snake

Pueblan Milk Snakes

Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli

A classic beautiful and boldly marked tri-color that has been longstanding staple in the hobby. At usually less than three feet long as adults, if you’re looking for a colorful snake that’s easy to care for, this is a great choice.
$150 each
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Corn Snake

Corn Snakes

Pantherophis guttatus

These are the most popular snakes in herptoculture, and with good reason. Corn snakes are moderately sized, tame and inexpensive. They are also beautiful and hardy pets available in an array of different colors and patterns.
$75-$100 each
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King Snake

Common Kingsnakes

Lampropeltis getula

A favorite among keepers, kingsnkes make excellent pets. Their smooth, shiny scales and bold patterns give them an appealing look.
Click here to see the Common Kingsnake page
$100-$200 each
Pine Snake

Pine, Bull & Gopher Snakes

Pituophis sp.

These big snakes typically get 6-7 feet in length and are heavily built. Pine snakes and bull snakes are often the "next step" for people who keep corn snakes and kingsnakes. No one can accuse these snakes of not having personality!
$75-$350 each
Click here to see the Pine, Bull & Gopher Snake page
Rat Snake

Rat Snakes

Elaphe sp.

Larger in size and with more "attitude" than their relatives the corn snakes, rat snakes are a good choice for individuals who have had some snake keeping experience and want to try something a little different.
$65-$300 each
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Broad-banded Water Snake

Water Snakes

Nerodia sp.

These heavy-bodied serpents add an interesting element to the hobby. I feed mine a diet of 50% fish and 50% frozen-thawed rodents. They do well when set up like other colubrids like Corn Snakes and King Snakes.
$40 each
Click here to see the Water Snake page

Garter Snake

Garter Snakes

Thamnophis sp

These snakes start off eating fish, but eventually can be switched to rodents. They are quite colorful and do great in naturalistic terrariums. I work with three different species.
$75-$400 each
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