Sweat Bee

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Sweat bees are the most brightly colored native bees in our area. The shiny, metallic green insects are quite eye-catching.

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Augochlora Sweat Bees nest in the ground, building long vertical nest cavities. Most are solitary nesting, but some species share the same nest entrance, but build their own cavities.

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They are short tongued, so they visit shallow or easily accessible flowers for nectar. They also steal nector collected by plant parasites, like aphids.

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These insects are tiny (less than 1/2 an inch) and are named because of their habit of landing on people and licking the perspiration from the skin in order to obtain salt.

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This brilliant “living jewel” performs the same function as other species bees – they are very important pollinators for many wildflowers and crops.

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Lately fair numbers of them have been visiting my deck garden and I enjoy seeing them every day.

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