October 2013 Herp/Leaf Combos

The last reptiles and amphibians of the year seen this month, along with the changing colors of Autumn leaves.

Two-lined Salamander/Red Maple
1 two-lined salmander_10_20 066

Common Snapping Turtle/Shagbark Hickory
2 snapping turtle_2468

Black Rat Snake/Red Oak
3 black rat snake 003

Green Frog/Cottonwood
4 green frog_10_20 078

Midland Painted Turtle/Sycamore
5 painted_2457a

Redback Salamander/Tuliptree
redback salamander_10_20 033

Slimy Salamander/Sugar Maple
7 Slimy Salamander

Bonus Non-herp: Mantis/Catalpa Tree
8 mantis 013

Third Eye Herp